Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Inspiring Works and Quotes by Lady Gaga

If people think that Lady Gaga becomes the inspiration for the Little Monster only, they can be wrong. There is no question that Little Monster will make her as their inspiration because they are her fans. Mother Monster surely can give them the spirit they need for doing their best in their life. Nevertheless, people cannot underestimate her inspiring works in the music industry after all. She is really amazing not only when working for her solo project but also collaboration with other artists.
People have to admit that her collaboration work with other artists can make people jealous. There is no doubt about it especially when she made collaboration project with Beyonce. The collaboration of honey b lady gaga created a superb song which can make people amazed. Telephone surely becomes a great collaboration production which can be found in the world music industry. For your information, this song was written by Lady Gaga for Britney Spears although Spears rejected it.

The inspiration cannot only be found from her works because people can also get huge inspiration from her quotes. It is about trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it is broken but you can still see the crack in the reflection.

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