Wednesday, February 22, 2017

B Akerlund: First Official Stylist for Lady Gaga

If someone decided to jump into the music industry, there is no doubt that they should be prepared to appear in one package. Yes, it is true that they must have talent in music for making it work. However, talent is not enough to be phenomenon because they also have to pay attention to their appearance. People can see the success from Lady Gaga who appeared in a whole package. It is not only her music which made her as phenomenon in the music industry but also her style.
She did not work alone when thinking about the way she should appear in public as Lady Gaga. She works with stylist for building her image. The name of b akerlund lady gaga cannot be separated one another for sure because she was the very first official stylist of Lady Gaga before she is working with Nicola Formichetti. As former stylist of Lady Gaga, she worked on some projects including Paparazzi music video. Outfits as well as accessories worn by Gaga were provided by her as well.

The b akerlund children will be proud since she was related to Lady Gaga in various ways. She even is married to Jonas Akerlund who was the director of Paparazzi and Telephone music video.

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