Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lady Gaga’s Life and Love Story

People recognized Lady Gaga as American singer who is successful and also beautiful. She does not only sing the song for sure because she has more talents. She also writes the song and also becomes actress. One thing for sure, she is being on the top and people really want to be like her. People can envy her as well. Actually, people usually just see the way she is today but they do not see lady gaga before.

Her life cannot be separated from arts after all. Her story before she grabbed her fame cannot be separated from the music after all. She was in theater performance before and she also appeared in the plays during her high school. She studied at school of arts before she decided to forget it and pursue the musical career. She was also in the rock band. More stories can be found until she became the songwriter. Her vocal abilities as noticed by Akon. After her huge success in the entertainment industry, people are waiting for the big news about lady gaga husband.

Her love story with her former partner, Taylor Kinney was beautiful until the breakup news were spread out. They officially broke up but this love story might be the inspiration for her latest album.

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